Run Multiple Operating Systems Using VirtualBox

If you are planning to install a new operating system without formatting your old existing operating then read this post. We all know that we can install different operating systems in our computer. But today we are going to show you how you can use an operating system inside your existing operating system. We are here going to talk about a software called VirtualBox which will help you achieve this goal.

VirtualBox is an x86 virtualization software package, created by software company Innotek GmbH, purchased by Sun Microsystems, and now developed by Oracle Corporation as part of its family of virtualization products. VirtualBox is installed on an existing host operating system as an application. The application allows additional guest operating systems to be loaded and run, each with its own virtual environment.

VirtualBox is a very useful tool as it allows you to run more than one operating system at a time. Installing and running VirtualBox is a very easy task. It can be run on a large number of operating systems. It can be run even on a computer having older hardware which means VrtualBox does not require any hardware virtualisation.

Supported host operating systems:-

Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Solaris, and OpenSolaris; there is also a port to FreeBSD.

Supported guest operating systems :-

Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2, Solaris and others.

Download link

Download the latest version of VirtualBox from the official site. Also read the user manual carefully to carry out all the steps successfully without facing any problem. It is totally free of cost. So start learning different operating systems using VirtualBox in your existing operating system. 
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Keyboard Shortcuts For Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an operating system based on linux. It is also among the best and most popular operating system among all linux sytems. Numerous users have installed ubuntu in their machine. The most important feature of Ubuntu that attracts users is that it is very user friendly. Today I am listing keyboard shortcuts of Ubuntu that will ease you a lot in using Ubuntu. 

List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Ubuntu  :-

Alt + F1 = opens the Applications menu 
Alt + F2 = opens the Run Application dialog box. 
Alt + F3 = opens the Deskbar Applet 
Alt + F4 = closes the current window. 
Alt + F5 = unmaximizes the current window 
Alt + F7 = move the current window 
Alt + F8 = resizes the current window. 
Alt + F9 = minimizes the current window. 
Alt + F10 = maximizes the current window 
Alt + Space = opens the window menu. 
Ctrl + A = Select all
Ctrl + C = Copy the highlighted content to clipboard 
Ctrl + V = Paste the clipboard content 
Ctrl + N = New (Create a new document, not in terminal) 
Ctrl + O = Open a document 
Ctrl + S = Save the current document
Ctrl + P = Print the current document 
Ctrl + W = Close the close document 
Ctrl + Q = Quit the current applicationKeyboard shortcuts for GNOME desktop 
Ctrl +Alt + F1 = Switch to the first virtual terminal 
Ctrl + Alt + F2(F3)(F4)(F5)(F6) = Select the different virtual terminals 
Ctrl + Alt + F7 = Restore back to the current terminal session with X 
Ctrl + Alt + Backspace = Restart GNOME 
Alt + Tab = Switch between open programs 
Ctrl + Alt + L = Lock the screen. 
Ctrl + Alt + + = Switch to next X resolution 
Ctrl + Alt + - = Switch to previous X resolution 
Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right = move to the next/previous workspaceKeyboard shortcuts for TerminalCtrl + A = Move cursor to beginning of line 
Ctrl + E = Move cursor to end of line 
Ctrl + C = kills the current process. 
Ctrl + Z = sends the current process to the background. 
Ctrl + D = logs you out. 
Ctrl + R = finds the last command matching the entered letters. 
Enter a letter, followed by Tab + Tab = lists the available commands beginning with those letters. 
Ctrl + U = deletes the current line. 
Ctrl + K = deletes the command from the cursor right. 
Ctrl + W = deletes the word before the cursor. 
Ctrl + L = clears the terminal output 
Shift + Ctrl + C = copy the highlighted command to the clipboard. 
Shift + Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) = pastes the contents of the clipboard. 
Alt + F = moves forward one word. 
Alt + B = moves backward one word 
Arrow Up/Down = browse command history 
Shift + PageUp / PageDown = Scroll terminal outputKeyboard shortcuts for CompizAlt + Tab = switch between open windows 
Win + Tab = switch between open windows with Shift Switcher or Ring Switcher effect 
Win + E = Expo, show all workspace 
Ctrl + Alt + Down = Film Effect 
Ctrl + Alt + Left mouse button = Rotate Desktop Cube 
Alt + Shift + Up = Scale Windows 
Ctrl + Alt + D = Show Desktop
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Use Unetbootin To Make Your Pendrive Bootable

If you don't have any DVD/CD but have image file of your operating system and a USB drive then you can burn image file in your USB drive and turn it into a bootable drive. For doing this task easily you will need a good software tool. Today we will discuss about a free software that will help you turning your USB drive into a bootable drive. The name of the software is Unetbootin.  Unetbootin means Universal Netboot Installer.  

Function of UNetbootin:-
Unetbootin helps in creating bootable Live USB drives for Windows and other Linux distributions without burning a CD.

It runs on both Windows and Linux. UNetbootin allows you to download one of the many distributions supported by Unetbootin, or you can supply your own Windows or Linux .iso file if you’ve already downloaded.
We can give you many reasons to show you clear advantages of bootable USB flash drives over CDs/DVDs. When your optical drive is not working or its broken then you can use USB drive anytime. Also you can carry with you a fully functional operating system on your pocket anywhere. Data can be stored on the USB drive while on Live CDs you can’t.

Download Unetbootin

So if you have your original OS CDs/DVD then make an image file of your OS and save it somewhere in your hard disk so that in future even if your CD/DVD stop working you can use your USB drive as an alernative option.
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Increase Downloading Speed Using IDM

Every web browser has got their own download manager but speed of downloading is not that much good. There are numerous download manager tools available. These tools helps in raising your download speed to a great extent. Internet Download Manager i.e IDM is one of the best of them. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a software tool that can increase your download speed by 5 times. If you are not using it than try it now and see the difference and experience the increase in your download speed.

Features of Internet Download Manager (IDM):-
  • Capability of Resume and Schedule downloads.
  • Simple graphic user interface and easy to use.
  • Intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology
  • Supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing.
  • Integrates into almost all popular browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser etc. to automatically handle your downloads. 

Title:Internet Download Manager 6.12 Build 10
File size:4.40MB (4,613,952 bytes)
Requirements:Windows (All Versions)
Languages:Multiple languages

Download link to Internet Download Manager 6.12 Build 10
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5 More Google Search Tricks

I have been posting about Google tricks frequently in this blog. Today I am sharing some more Google search tricks. I hope you will like all of them. Best thing about these tricks is that it will make your Google searching task more relevant and more efficient. Your search will be more related and more refined by using these tricks. Use them to get the best search results in search engine,Google.

1) For Exact Phrase--> ""

It searches for an exact phrase

Example: "5 more Google search tricks"

It will search for the exact phrase "5 more Google search tricks"

2) For Excluded Words--> -

It excludes search results with a particular word or phrase

Example: films -hollywood

It will show search results about films that are not related to hollywood

3) For Similar Words--> ~

It searches for a word and all its synonyms

Example: ~mobile phone

It will show search results with the word "phone," as well as "cell," "cellular," "wireless," etc.

4) For Multiple Words--> OR

It searches for webpages that include either word

Example: "sports" "cricket" OR "football"

It will show search results with the word sports and either cricket or football

5) For Numerical Ranges--> ...

It searches for a range of numbers

Example: New technologies 2011...2012

It will show search results about New technologies during this time period.
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A Cool Hidden Trick Of VLC Media Player

VLC media player is the most popular and most common media player among all computer users. We all use this open source media player for playing audios and videos of different formats. This media player supports almost all kind of formats. Today I am sharing a cool and interesting hidden trick of VLC media player. Some of you may know this trick already because this trick is an old one.

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Product Key For Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft's Windows 8 Release Preview has been released recently. It is now available for download.

 Download Windows 8 Release Preview

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